By the words of our Testimony we overcome!
You shall Testify in Jesus name. Amen
DIVINE TURN AROUND AND PROTECTIONYou can watch the video of this testimony by clicking the watch now button.
Micheal Obi
I thank God because since I joined this great commission, my life and office turned around for good, and every prophecy from Daddy and all the pastors in the house came to pass. I visited Agbani road branch during their church service, the pastor told me that some people will lose their jobs in my office, but God will protect me and it was so. Secondly, he said I should pray against armed robbery attack in mber month. Last December, armed robbers attack me and took my car. But I was confident because KWLC sticker is on the car, and as God may have it, they dropped it, I went and carried my car. Praise God of KWLC.

KWLC praise God, I thank God for His wonderful work over my life last year, by grace God gave me a Job, a son, and a car. Though in the Job there are enormous battles but God always fights for me.

We give all the Glory, Honour and Adoration to our Lord Jesus the Most High, for His Faithfulness and Mercies are Everlasting. Your Testimonies are Over Due! You too shall Testify.

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